Inverter Technology

Inverter can control the microwave power more delicately than conventional system. Constant soft penetration of microwave energy prevents the common problems of shrinkage, overcooking, and loss of nutrients.

An inverter provides adjustable control of the power level through modulation of the power frequency from 50Hz to 20,000 to 45,000 Hz. So the output level is regulated by controlling the power output itself, resulting in energy saving and better delicacies.

  Induction Heating (IH)

Panasonic invented the first Induction Heating Warm Jar incorporating the latest technology in cooking.

Unlike conventional rice cooker in which the pan is heated from the bottom, Induction Heating generates heat through its magnetic coil located around the sides and on the bottom of the IH pan. The rice is heated evenly resulting in better taste and texture.

  nanoe Technology for Hair Treatment

Introduced by Panasonic, the world's first hair dryer with hair treatment effect, helps to remove excess sebum, protect hair cuticle and moisturize hair. The innovative nanoe Technology (nanoe ions¡¦ moisture content is approximately 1000 times greater than that of negative ions) and nanoe ion charge panel attracting moisture to infiltrate deeply into hair, which makes hair glossier and healthier.

  nanoe™ Anti Virus, Bacteria & Deorodize Technology

Panasonic Air Purifier releases high density of nanoe™ to penetrate into fabrics thoroughly and inhibits allergens and remove odors. nanoe™ can rapidly react with virus and bacteria, which is effective in suppressing H1N1, H5N1, O157, MRSA, allergens and deposited odors.

nanoe™ generates through condensation and ionization of moisture in air, eliminates the need of nanoe™ unit replacement. nanoe™¡¦s moisture content is approximately 1000 times greater than that of negative ions, with pH value 5.5, which infiltrate deeply into skin and makes your skin healthier.